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A bible for SEO followers in these difficult days, However it is rooted in old SEO. We would never buy links or reciprocal links. This said there are lots of useful tools = for instance:

Similar Page Checker
Search Engine Spider Simulator
Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
Backlink Summary
Keyword Density Cloud
Search Engine Friendly Redirect Check
Google PageRank Tool
Cloaking Checker
Domain Stats Tool
Domain Age Tool
Keyword Playground
Website Keyword Suggestions
URL Rewriting Tool
Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestions
Alexa Rank Checker
301 Redirect

Microsoft's Free Virus Checker

Microsoft's 2009 free Security Essentials Anti Virus is for XP and earlier versions of Microsoft software.To down load it please click www.microsoft.com/security_essentials.. Later versions of Windows have Defender Anti Virus built into them.  .

This is a check list. You absolutely MUST have these things installed and working on your computer to operate both effectively and safely in our current environment. All these downloads are free but you are welcome to use paid for alternatives.

It is really most important to keep your 'browser' updated. (The browser is the software used to view the Internet.) If you don't websites will not look right and your security could be compromised. If you are an Explorer user just click the link below.
This is a good quality free non-commercial version which can be set to update automatically. The downside is that it is extremely difficult to get through all the offers for the paid for version.
This protects your computer from 'dataminers' which eventually infect all computers. Dataminers send messages back to the organisations which put them on your computer. It is free. An important one click download.
You will need this to run lots of Internet graphics packages that you will eventually come across. Boring but you have to have it.
If you need help either installing software or something will not work it is work clicking below to got to the Microsoft support centre. The link below and enter your query. Good luck!
Newer machines may not have the all-important JAVA installed. If a virtual tour programme or some other interesting website does not work, click the heading and then the 'Download' when the JAVA website comes up . If you get a red message you will probably find that you also need Flash so click that download as well. Both are free and crucial!